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Taos Academy is about to make a big transition to develop their existing dirt play space. Fall 2014 will bring a new SnapSports basketball court and a recycled turf field to the school, as well as additional play structures and swings. Director Karin Moulton said "I think we underestimated the demand for swings, especially among high school students", one reason for the expansion of the play structures. Traci Filiss and Karin Moulton have wanted to improve the space for a long time, but now that the second campus building is complete, they have been able to direct time and resources to the facilities that will help kids enjoy their campus spaces during their break times and after school.  The new structures, along with the neighboring Taos Eco Park FIFA rated turf soccer field on Salazar Road mean that TACS now has tremendous assets for student-athletes. Even though Taos Academy District does not have an athletics program, currently, they are open to developing those opportunities for students, who currently are permitted to join Taos High School's athletic teams. 
Posted by c.legere  On Jul 18, 2014 at 11:22 AM
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