Summer School 2016

Summer School Course Offerings
Posted on 04/26/2016
Summer Courses 2016

Dear TA Families and Students – Summer is just around the corner and it is time to start registration for summer school classes! We offer Edgenuity course work (including both core classes and electives - see below for a list of elective courses) and Rosetta Stone classes for all students.

Whether you are taking them for credit recovery, to stay on target for graduation, to get ahead for the coming year or just to keep your hand in over the summer, this is a great opportunity. 

PLEASE contact Vicki in the front office via email or by phone (751-3109) as soon as possible to reserve your spot so that we can plan our staffing for the summer. The cost for all summer school classes (both Edge and Rosetta Stone) is $200, with a $100 refund upon successful completion of the course.

The summer semester runs from May – July, with an initial meeting on Monday, May 23rd to meet with your adviser, discuss goals and to take prescriptive tests in Edgenuity or to log in and test your equipment in Rosetta Stone. All Edgenuity summer school classes are taken in prescriptive mode due to the short amount of time for completion; if you can’t make the meeting and do not schedule otherwise with your adviser, then your class will start at 4pm Monday without the prescriptive testing.

After your first meeting, your adviser will be your primary point of contact for you for any issues, questions, or troubleshooting. They will be sending progress notes every two weeks as well. 

Summer school students will work virtually through the rest of May, June and July until the end of the summer semester. Final exams will be given here on campus Thursday, August 4th.

This is especially a great opportunity for students who need the credits for graduation or who failed a class this past year. If this is you, I will plan on seeing you there!!!! Here’s to summer - thanks so much, Ms. E

Edge Electives: 

3D Art I - Modeling

3D Art II - Animation

Art History I

Audio Engineering

Business Computer Applications

Career Explorations

Computer Science I

Computer Science II

Digital Arts I 

Digital Arts II 

Engineering Design I

Engineering Design II 

Flash Animation 

Foundations of Personal Wellness A

Foundations of Personal Wellness B

Game Design

Healthy Living 

HS Consumer Math

Intro to Marketing I

Intro to Marketing II  

Introduction to Art

Introduction to Business

Introduction to Health Science

Lifetime Fitness

Personal Finance



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